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February 24, 2003
Bucs BowlThanks for the insightful Super Bowl article by Michael Silver (What a Steal!, Feb. 3). Your photographers—as professional as the teams they cover—captured the emotions of the day, from pregame to the victory celebration. However, I'm left wondering why the Buccaneers' unbuckled belts were flapping in the wind? And where were the Uniform Police hiding?KEN DONNELLYEagle Point, Ore.
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February 24, 2003


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Down on Davis
Is there so little news in college basketball that SI had to devote six pages to Mike Davis (He's in Control (Really!), Feb. 3)? Please, if he were in control, the Hoosiers would not be struggling the way they have been this year.
MARGARET BINKLEY, West Lafayette, Ind.

Raider Nation Responds
I was disappointed to read Rick Reilly's account of the illness that cost Oakland's Barret Robbins his chance to play in the Super Bowl (THE LIFE OF REILLY, Feb. 3). Having played and coached football—including, coincidentally, being part of a staff that had to stop high school star Rich Gannon 20 years ago in Philadelphia—I understand the anger of Robbins's Raiders teammates. As someone who lost a job while battling depression and the side effects of medication, I wish Reilly had shown that at least he knows the difference between an imbalance in brain chemistry and a character flaw. Had Robbins been healthy, he surely would have wanted to play. He needs better help, not Reilly's ridicule.
CHRIS TEARE, Beverly, Mass.

Do you people believe that the Raider Nation cannot read between the lines? In that piece of flaming, biased trash, all that the Bronco-loving, living-in-the-Denver-suburbs Reilly did was piss off tens of thousands of Raiders faithful.
TERRY DORSEY, Cornelius, Ore.

Yes, the Raiders were outplayed—by themselves as much as by the Bucs—but dead? Raider-haters be advised, the Raider Nation does not live and the by one game. We also know that we do not live and die by Al Davis. We bleed Silver and Black. We loved the Raiders in L.A. and in Oakland; through droughts and through lawsuits we still wear our spikes and skulls and our jerseys with pride.
LENORA DUNCAN, Long Beach, Calif.

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