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Bill Scheft
March 03, 2003
O.K., I've read all the post-Swimsuit Issue letters, and you've made your point From now on, there will be less cleavage in this column. (Les Cleavage. Wasn't he a backup tight end on the 1972 Raiders, behind Raymond Chester?)
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March 03, 2003

The Show

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This year the Pistons made extensive improvements to The Palace at Auburn Hills. Each rest room is now manned by an attendant. Of course, if there are two attendants, they play a zone.

Maybe I made this up. I was watching an old episode of The White Shadow, and I swear halfway through, Kobe Bryant shows up and hits for 42.

Not to be outdone, Michael Jordan became the first to score 40 points after his 40th birthday. Am I wrong, or is he playing well enough to retire two more times?


Call me a baseball traditionalist, but it just isn't spring training until Jose Canseco is in handcuffs.

Canseco was locked up for numerous probation violations, including leaving Florida for more than 30 days. He had no choice. He was a character witness for the Texas woman who ran over her husband.

Elsewhere, Barry Bonds underwent minor surgery on his left elbow. No big deal. He had it removed, covered in polyurethane, then grafted over his right elbow so he can really lean over the plate.

The most exciting part of the procedure was when the surgeon dropped his scalpel and two guys wrestled for it before being dragged into court.

Dodgertown in Vero Beach has undergone a $7 million renovation. Isn't it nice to hear about the Dodgers spending $7 million on something that won't wind up on the disabled list?

Unfortunately, the Dodgers still need Rupert Murdoch to come up with another $5 million to build a state-of-the-art apology to Sandy Koufax.

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