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July 14, 2003
How San Antonio Rose David Robinson's appearance on the cover could not have been more deserved (High and Mighty, June 23). By picturing Jason Kidd in a Spurs jersey, however, you watered down the Spurs' championship celebration. Let's let the team—and especially Tony Parker—enjoy its victory without having to share the cover with the losers and trade rumors.BRANDON FAIRCLOTH, Dallas
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July 14, 2003


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I tried to give up sports, I really did. My wife needs me, I've got baby Benjamin to take care of, but I just can't. The local paper just printed a banner headline that Grant Hill's ankle is still hurt. Please...must...know...more!
J.T. CROWDER, Orlando

I was wondering how long it'd take after Rushin got married for us to notice a significant change in his writing. His column advocating a break from sports sounds just like the influence of a good wife.
MIKE RATLIFF, Tyler, Texas

Stepping Out of the Shades
As a fan who has followed Matt Kenseth's career since his Busch Series days (Top Secret, June 23), it's good to see him finally get the recognition he deserves. He's not as outgoing as many other drivers, but as this season continues, he will make everyone remember who drives the number 17 car.

Do you want to know why drivers like Kenseth remain relatively anonymous? Look no further than your own pages. You include a nice picture of his car, but the picture of Matt himself was small and had most of his face obscured by his hat and sunglasses.
Speedway, Ind.

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