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July 28, 2003
Shooting His Mouth OffI always liked Bo Jackson, at least until I read Rick Telander's expos� (Happy Hunter, June 30). As a youth the self-proclaimed "John Gotti of the neighborhood" used bricks and crab apples to hurt people and now seems proud of it. He revels in his freedom to "cuss, drink, scratch and fart" and his ability to kill raccoons, right down to shooting a "mom right between the eyes." I'm tired of the standard excuses for athletes with mean streaks: An absent parent, lack of money or a physical ailment does not justify acts of violence. A lot of people, myself included, grew up in environments similar to Bo's, but that doesn't mean we have used our problems as a rationalization to excuse violence.DON PAWL, Lake Villa, Ill.
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July 28, 2003


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Iced Ted
If Ted Williams does come back (THE LIFE OF REILLY, June 30), do his baseball stats start over or do they just pick up from where he left off?

He's been dead for more than a year; it's time to let Teddy Ballgame rest in peace.
DAVID EISENBERG, Swampscott, Mass.

I know the world is nearing extinction when I see frozen heads referred to as "patients."
MARVIN GAST, Arlington, Va.

The Real Thing
How long have the Yankees had logos on their pinstripes, a la your photo illustration of part of the 1978 team (The Bronx Zoo, June 30)? Answer: Never. The official uniforms of 15 Major League Baseball teams, including the New York Yankees, are made by Russell Athletic, not the replica provider included in your illustration. In today's world of cutting and pasting digital images, we would expect SI to be more "authentic."
Vice President of Marketing
Russell Athletic

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