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College Sports 101
August 11, 2003
Recent events show folks are still flunking Remedial Ethics. A pop quiz
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August 11, 2003

College Sports 101

Recent events show folks are still flunking Remedial Ethics. A pop quiz

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1. True or False: Kevin Bannon, the men's basketball coach at Rutgers University, had players run naked during practice.

2. Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett (above) was not involved in which of these incident?

(A) Questioned by his head coach because he was driving a Lexus.
(B) Confronted by a compliance officer about a summer job after it was reported that his only duties were meeting clients and signing autographs.
(C) Exaggerated to campus police, claiming that 300 compact discs, two TVs, $5,000 of stereo equipment and $800 cash were stolen from a car he had borrowed.
(D) Was only student allowed to take an oral exam in African-American and African Studies class after walking out of the written midterm.

3. All but which one of these headlines appeared on the same day in the sports section of the L.A. Times?

(A) Nebraska Running Back Suspended for Assault, Is Likely to Play
(B) Three Kansas State Players Arrested
(C) Top Tackier Suspended
(D) Coach Has Admitted to Academic Wrongdoing at New Mexico State

4. Which of the following did not occur during Eddie Sutton's tenure as basketball coach at Kentucky?

(A) Player caught cheating on his ACT when it was found that his answers to 211 of the 219 questions were the same as the person next to him.
(B) Player tried to sell two gold chains that belonged to a teammate for $700 at a local pawn shop.
(C) Player's father received $1,000 in cash from an assistant coach.
(D) Player arrested for stealing a student's stereo system.

5. True or False: Cleveland State basketball coach Kevin Mackey was alone in his car when he was pulled over for driving erratically after leaving a crack house in Cleveland. Tests showed alcohol and cocaine in his system.

6. Former Indiana and current Texas Tech basketball coach Bob Knight did which of the following?

(A) Punched a police officer during the Pan-Am Games.
(B) Shoved a taunting fan into a garbage can at the Final Four.
(C) Threw a chair across the floor during a Big Ten road game.
(D) Head-butted a player during an intense off-court exchange.

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