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Peter King
September 01, 2003
An opposing scout's view
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September 01, 2003

Enemy Lines

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An opposing scout's view

"You could tell last season that Kelly Holcomb is the better quarterback and that Tim Couch has some holes. Holcomb's a natural leader; Couch always looks as if there's something holding him back....

I like their receiver depth, but I'd play Andre' Davis more. He's a star waiting to happen, and he and Dennis Northcutt are deep threats the Browns should be using to stretch the defense....

Butch Davis overrates Jeff Faineā€”and you're going to have some mistakes from a rookie. Their whole line is like Shaun O'Hara: tough as nails but limited strengthwise and athletically....

On defense Gerard Warren's been stealing money for two years. He should be so much better collapsing the line. With his degenerative knee, Courtney Brown could be out of the league within a year....

I loved Ben Taylor coming out of Virginia Tech, and I love Butch's move to play his young linebackers. Why not? The old guys didn't fit his scheme....

They'll have the best special teams in the division. Chris Crocker [a rookie defensive back from Marshall] will be one of the best special teams players in the league by November."