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Paul Zimmerman
September 01, 2003
An opposing scout's view
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September 01, 2003

Enemy Lines

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An opposing scout's view

"Drafting [running back] Willis McGahee in the first round, a guy who won't be ready to play for another year, was an arrogant pick—the kind you see from a defending Super Bowl champ that's building its depth for the future. I don't know what the Bills have in mind, and I don't see how Gregg Williams can be too happy about it....

Last year their offense scared you two ways: Drew Bledsoe going deep and Travis Henry running the draw. They're still geared for the deep ball, but they've changed their offense and gotten rid of guys—fullback Larry Centers and tight end Jay Riemersma—who didn't fit Kevin Gilbride's system. I think getting rid of Centers, a true third-down back, will hurt them....

I keep hearing how great their offensive line is, but I don't see it. Ruben Brown holds as much as any player in the league. Mike Williams, their first-round draft pick last year, didn't show great progress. Jonas Jennings is good, and Trey Teague is O.K., though he's a little too tall for the position....

The Bills will be competitive in the division because they'll play hard for Williams and because the AFC East has no clear stickout team. Anyone can win it, anyone can finish last."