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Chris Ballard
September 15, 2003
The former football and baseball star hosts ESPN's The New American Sportsman on Mondays.
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September 15, 2003

Q+a [deion Sanders]

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Sanders: Oh.

SI: So what are you after?

Sanders: Fishing is just peace, it's joy, it's calmness, it's quietness, the relaxing, the soothing. It's so many words.

SI: But you don't hunt, is that right?

Sanders: I'm not going to say that. I shoot, but I haven't hunted in a while.

SI: You shoot? What do you shoot at?

Sanders: I live on 112 acres, so you just take your pick.

SI: On your 1995 album, Prime Time, you rapped "I kick this like a game of kickball." Is that the first kickball reference in rap?

Sanders: It might be, man.

SI: Have you ever rapped about fishing?

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