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Chris Ballard
September 15, 2003
The former football and baseball star hosts ESPN's The New American Sportsman on Mondays.
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September 15, 2003

Q+a [deion Sanders]

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Sanders: No. We do everything else on the lake, though. Me and my buddies are like 10-year-olds out there, kicking and screaming.

SI: In '96 you said you might join the pro bass fishing tour, making you a three-sport athlete. What happened?

Sanders: I didn't have the time. Now I do.

SI: So you might try to join?

Sanders: Yeah, definitely. You'll see that soon.

SI: With the show, do you see yourself as bringing a certain attitude to fishing?

Sanders: If I'm out there saying I shook up the world or holding up the rod like I scored a touchdown [after catching a fish], that's just me. Whatever I do, I try to bring me to the table.

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