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Q&A: George W. Bush
Don Yaeger
September 29, 2003
The President discusses Aggies and Horns, his Rangers days and his sports idol
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September 29, 2003

Q&a: George W. Bush

The President discusses Aggies and Horns, his Rangers days and his sports idol

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SI: How did you become a baseball fan?

GWB: Well, my dad and mother were fans. I was born my dad's sophomore year in college, and he was a baseball star. And Mother would take me to the games. I can remember being a little guy and going through his scrapbook, looking at the box scores for the Yale team. And I remember playing catch with him.

SI: At Yale you were a pitcher, right?

GWB: I was a middle reliever my freshman year. And I was mediocre at best. And then I went on and played rugby my senior year.

SI: As a boy did you have a role model who was an athlete?

GWB: I was enamored with Willie Mays because of his speed, his power. He was such a charismatic ballplayer. When I went to visit my grandparents, who lived in Greenwich, Connecticut, my Uncle Buck took me to the New York Giants game at the old Polo Grounds, and I saw Willie firsthand and then followed him from that point on.

SI: What was your best move with the Texas Rangers?

GWB: Convincing the citizens of Arlington [to build The Ballpark in Arlington]. It changed the franchise.

SI: What was your worst move?

GWB: Some of our trades coming down the stretch. Of course the [1989 Sammy] Sosa deal [with the White Sox] has to be one of the alltime failed trades. The idea was to get Harold Baines to help kick-start the offense. Sammy was a young ballplayer, and the front office came to the conclusion that while he could be a good ballplayer, he'd be nothing like Juan Gonzalez.

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