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Peter King
October 20, 2003
TRADING E-MAIL WITH...The Titans' coach of 10 years, Jeff Fisher
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October 20, 2003

King's Corner

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The Titans' coach of 10 years, Jeff Fisher

SI: Which opposing player causes you the most headaches when you're game-planning late into the night?

Fisher: A mobile quarterback with an accurate arm. But it's different preparing for some teams. When we played the Saints last month, the player who concerned us very, very much was [return specialist] Michael Lewis.

SI: Keeping your job as coach of one team for 10 years is hard enough to do, but how did you survive the Houston- Memphis- Nashville franchise fiasco?

Fisher: I've been fortunate enough to be surrounded by good people in all our departments. They keep their egos in check and care only about winning.

SI: You're a cochair of the NFL competition committee. Penalties are up this year. Are officials being too picky?

Fisher: We have to see what trends develop long-term, but it could be that the change in philosophy to a crew concept has caused penalties to increase. Whole crews are evaluated, not just individuals.

SI: Favorite movie?

Fisher: Field of Dreams. I'm fascinated with baseball history, and I love the relationship between father and son.

SI: Best sports event you've seen?

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