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I Do, I Don't.... I Do, I Don't....
John Garrity
November 03, 2003
JUNE 28, 1987 Daly, 21, meets Dale Crafton (right), 23, a hand model.
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November 03, 2003

I Do, I Don't.... I Do, I Don't....

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OCT. 5, 1994
Wilson Golf suspends its 10-year, $30 million deal with Daly.

Daly's divorce from Fulford is made final.

JAN. 28, 1995
Daly and Dean (right) marry. She is pregnant.

JUNE 1, 1995
Sierra Lynn Daly is born.

JULY 23, 1995
Daly wins his second major, the British Open.

MARCH 27, 1997
Daly goes on a 14-hour bender in Jacksonville, argues with Paulette and does $1,000 worth of damage to their hotel suite. Six security people subdue Daly and, after he complains of chest pains, take him on a stretcher to the hospital.

MARCH 31, 1997
Daly checks into the Betty Ford Clinic in California.

APRIL 8, 1997
Dean files for divorce.

APRIL 28, 1997
Wilson Golf terminates its contract with Daly.

MAY 20, 1997
Daly and Callaway sign a four-year, $3 million deal that prohibits him from gambling or drinking alcohol.

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