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Bill Scheft
November 10, 2003
Good to be back. I was at Brian Billick's yard sale. Got two VCRs for a buck.
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November 10, 2003

The Show

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Elsewhere, the Red Sox' recently fired manager, Grady Little, is enjoying the time off. Although last night he waited too long to get take-out food.

Boston's Manny Ramirez made it through irrevocable waivers unclaimed. Now the only way the Red Sox can get rid of him is if they trade him and agree to assume 80% of his attitude.


Help me out here. Does that make next week Superfluous Saturday?

Virginia Tech upset undefeated Miami. Costly loss for the Hurricanes. They have to pay the Hokies' ACC entry fee.

Boston College president William Leahy says his school is moving to the ACC "because of academics and finances, as well as athletics." And Miami is moving there for all those reasons, plus the more lenient judges.

Michigan RB Chris Perry set a school record with 51 carries in the Wolverines' 27-20 win over Michigan State. All right, who's letting Bo Schembechler call plays?


First, the Jets were sloppy and turned the ball over. Then the Giants blew a 14-point lead and missed a field goal early in overtime. Fans at the Meadowlands didn't know who to boo...until they all settled on Jeff Weaver.

The Colts' Mike Vanderjagt is 21 for 21 in field goals. And this is sweet. Peyton Manning now calls him "our idiot savant kicker."

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