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King's Corner
Peter King
November 10, 2003
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November 10, 2003

King's Corner

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SI: Can you walk through a mall or into a restaurant in Charlotte without being recognized?

Kasay: First of all, I have four kids—eight, six, three and 16 months—and there is no way we are going to take all four of them to the mall. When we all go out to eat—which is not that often because my wife is a great cook—I will get recognized occasionally. Usually I'm told, "Wow, you're much smaller than I thought you were."

SI: How long does an important miss stay with you?

Kasay: Forever. I still remember kicks I missed in high school and college [ Georgia]. The challenge is to not let a miss affect the next kick. The one that was probably the most hurtful was a field goal I missed in my first regular-season game, a 37-yarder off the right hash against the Saints in 1991. It was the last play, and we lost by a point or two. It's still excruciating.

For his II career touchdowns, Chiefs return man and wideout Dante Hall has averaged 79.8 yards per score. That's the highest average alltime among players who have scored at least 10 touchdowns.

Eagles rookie tight end L.J. Smith

Philly's first downfield threat at tight end since Keith Jackson in the late '80s and early '90s had his coming-out party on Sunday in Atlanta: six catches for 97 yards. Smith, a second-round pick out of Rutgers, has above-average speed and excellent hands, and the 6'3" 258-pounder can dish out punishment.


1. The NFL did the right thing in awarding Phoenix the 2008 Super Bowl. Now the league needs to go one step further and abandon the half-baked plan of putting the following year's title game in northern Virginia or New Jersey. The last thing we need is a Super Bowl played in winter slush.

2. Sure, the Vikings are struggling, but they'll still win the NFC North. Minnesota has a two-game lead over the Packers, and its next three games are against the Chargers, Raiders and Lions, who are a combined 5-19.

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