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December 08, 2003
Jinx ThinkGiven the power of the SPORTS ILLUSTRATED cover to stop winning streaks, perhaps a better headline on your Nov. 17 edition would have been THE CHIEFS, PERFECT (UNTIL NOW).JOHN DARLING VENTURA, Calif.
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December 08, 2003


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While I agree Haasis made an honest and principled decision, why did the fans in Springfield need to condemn coach Neal Taylor? What did he do wrong? He tried to get a record for a kid whom he seemed to care about. To me, the bigger story is the people who went after Taylor, who recently resigned from coaching. Their self-righteousness may have cost them, from what I have heard of this story, a good coach and a good man.
NICK WEISSE, Stoughton, Wis.

Reilly is absolutely right—we really do need Nate Haasis in Washington, D.C. However, let's put our political needs aside—we need a Redskins quarterback!
DAVE MORTON, Stafford, Va.

Safe Hex
So, how much did the 1972 Dolphins pay to get you to run the Chiefs and their perfect season on the cover? I am sure that they had their champagne on ice waiting for the Bengals to pull off the upset. Did the Dolphins have to overcome the jinx during their perfect season?
DAVE PARSONS, Mount Vernon, Ohio

?The 17-0 Miami Dolphins appeared on the cover twice (above): during training camp and after they had defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 21-17 to qualify for the Super Bowl.

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