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December 29, 2003
Line KingsWhen I read No Pain, No Gain (Dec. 8), I had butterflies in my stomach. I just finished my senior season of high school football, and playing on the offensive line is tough. We check after a game to see who has the most paint from the other team on his helmet. My team's running back had 203 yards rushing in our state championship game. To me, that's a compliment. We're proud when our quarterback finishes the game with a clean jersey and our backs walk away smiling. To those who think linemen are big, fat, dumb mammals: Bring it!DANIEL HARTSELL, Albemarle, N.C.
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December 29, 2003


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St. Louis Blues
Rick, great article on Kurt Warner (THE LIFE OF REILLY, Dec. 8). Does it make you wonder how fast you would be replaced if you hit a dry spell? It sure makes me think about it in terms of myself. As much as I love sports, I hate the way we treat the good guys. Tell Kurt I am one St. Louis fan who hopes he gets the chance to prove himself again. Here or wherever.
ARNOLD SUSSMAN, St. Charles, Mo.

Warner is getting $9 million a year to do virtually nothing. Personally, I'd be happy to suffer such a cruel twist of fate.
JEFFREY H. KAPLAN, St. Charles, Ill.

There is nothing more important in one's life than character. Warner should be treated with respect and not criticism, but, hey, this is sports, right?

Right Stuff

I realize we live in a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately society, but I believe Albert Chen may have been overdoing it a bit when he wrote "rightfield in the Bronx has been a black hole for years" (Spin Doctoring, Dec. 8). The Yankees recently had Paul O'Neill patrolling right field for nine seasons (1993-2001), during which time they won four World Series. O'Neill not only contributed 185 HRs and 858 RBIs and had one of the best rightfield arms in baseball, but he was also a leader on and off the field. I'm sure what Mr. Chen meant to say is that leftfield in the Bronx had been a black hole for years—until Hideki Matsui. Please correct this mistake before O'Neill comes to your office and takes a couple of swings at your water cooler.
PAUL NANOS, Farmington, Conn.

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