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Bill Scheft
February 16, 2004
If I seem a little peeved, bear with me. They cut me out of Miracle. I played the sportswriter who asked Herb Brooks, "Hey, how about giving Steve Janaszak a shot in goal?"
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February 16, 2004

The Show

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Buccaneers defensive end Simeon Rice was dropped from the NFC Pro Bowl squad for disciplinary reasons. And how better to make an example of a player than a free week in Hawaii without pads?


His decision to quit baseball and pursue a football career came the day after the Yankees invited only his left ACL to big league camp.

Meanwhile, Aaron Boone may forfeit his $5.75 million salary because he tore knee ligaments playing basketball, which is forbidden in his contract. So, he's thinking about telling Steinbrenner he hurt himself tripping over Jeff Kent's motorcycle.


So now if you want to see a bunch of guys who are prone to infidelity, racism and homophobia, you'll have to start watching C-SPAN.

The controversial drama will be replaced by a new show, Pardon the NFL Interruption. Despite strong ratings and critical acclaim, ESPN decided against a second season after considering the objections of the NFL. Man, I haven't seen a cave-in like that since Charles Bronson's in The Great Escape.


And, in accordance with WBC rules, he will be stripped of his title and given 60 days to come up with a design for a grill.

Lewis made his announcement during a live press conference from the space above Vitali Klitschko's eye.

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