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March 22, 2004
Wolves at the DoorThe Twin Cities sports sections are saying Kevin Garnett would only pose for your cover if you included Sam Cassell and Latrell Sprewell (Three for All, March 1). In a league full of me-first players it's refreshing to watch this guy and to be able to appreciate his team-first attitude. Thanks to Jack McCallum for giving KG the credit he is due.DEAN BRINKMANSleepy Eye, Minn.
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March 22, 2004


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Hawkeye Hooray
Iowa is the fourth state among the first 32 profiled that expressed a preference for college over pro sports (Sports in America, March 1). I've never been to the Hawkeye State, but somehow I now understand W.P. Kinsella's affection for a state (State of Dreams) which is emblematic of what is too often referred to as Flyover Country.
ADRIAN J. O'CONNOR, Stephens City, Va.

How can Tom and Terry Brands not be mentioned in an article about wrestling in Iowa (Wrestle Mania, March 1)?
LEAH SHERMAN, Kihei, Hawaii

Any description of Iowa's sports landscape that fails to mention six-player girls' basketball is incomplete. Played continuously for almost a century, the game had one of the highest participation rate for females of any inter-scholastic sport before the Title IX era. Six-player girls' basketball regularly drew bigger crowds at its state tournament than the 89,000 fans the wrestling tournament now attracts.
MAX McELWAIN, Wayne, Neb.

Whose Dream Is It, Anyway?
Rick Reilly on SportsCenter (THE LIFE OF REILLY, March 1)? That's as cool as the other side of the pillow.
FRED ROBSON, Ventura, Calif.

Media Critic
Great article by Michael Lewis (Out of Their Tree, March 1). Could he write a book about the NBA? More interesting to me than the response of baseball people to his book Moneyball was the role of the media. Like the NBA, Major League Baseball has had its share of writers for whom the facts of a story never get in the way of kissing someone's backside.

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