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Bill Scheft
March 29, 2004
Before we begin, by applause, how many of you remember when March Madness referred to spring break at the Kennedy compound?
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March 29, 2004

The Show

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Cincinnati's Tony Bobbitt hit a three-pointer with 16 seconds left to help the Bearcats avoid elimination in the opener. That was six days after he was punched in the groin by DePaul's LeVar Seals. What is it about guys named Bobbitt and that, uh, region?

Meanwhile, former Iowa State basketball coach Larry Eustachy has been talked about for the job at Texas A&M. Eustachy's a changed man. He plans to show up for interviews with a photo of himself and three nuns tapping a keg of Snapple.


New Eagles wide receiver Terrell Owens has promised to tone down some of his antics. Which raises the question: Do Sharpies come in muted colors?

Warren Sapp signed a seven-year deal with the Raiders the day after it looked as if he was headed to the Bengals. Someone must have told him black was even more slimming than stripes.

Jeff Garcia was sentenced to seven days in a work-release program after pleading guilty to DUI. And I don't get this. Butch Davis says he wants Kelly Holcomb to do the last 3� days.


Not only that, he told himself he wouldn't play again until he made a commitment to not show up for practice.

Iverson sat out last week's Sixers loss against the Pistons. Detroit fans were so angry they tried to recall Chris Ford.

During the game Iverson paid a ball boy to bring him nachos on the bench. What is he, nuts? Everyone knows to get the pizza at the Palace.

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