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Richard Deitsch
July 26, 2004
The two-time U.S. Open champ (he retired in 2002) is playing World Team Tennis this month for the Philadelphia Freedom.
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July 26, 2004

Q+a [patrick Rafter]

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Rafter: I am doing Down to Earth with Pat Rafter, where I interview people during a three-day adventure in Australia. We'll do horseback riding, round up cattle or dive with great white sharks. My first guest is Rachel Hunter, then Darryl Hannah.

SI: So you'll only have leggy blondes on the show?

Rafter: That's the way it's starting out, but I probably have to get some fat little ugly bloke after that.

SI: Be honest. Have you ever owned one of those PAT RAFTER IS MY SEX GOD T-shirts?

Rafter: I have a cupboardful. If you want one signed, I'll send it to you (laughs). No, mate, I haven't.

SI: Tell us your perfect day 10 years from now.

Rafter: Waking up in a warm bed beside my wife. Taking my two or three children out for a surf in the morning. We have a nice hot breakfast on the beach and then go to the children's sports carnival to watch them play. I get nine holes of golf in and come back for a beer and a barbie and go to bed. Now I haven't thought about that at all, have I?

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