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Bill Scheft
August 09, 2004
Good to be here. Look, I'm no shill for Claritin, but I took one this morning and for the last 12 hours haven't even come close to saying Jonathan Cheechoo.
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August 09, 2004

The Show

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Meanwhile, the Yanks reportedly have plans to build a $700 million stadium without public funds. Shouldn't be a problem. Three parasites have already pledged $100 million.

Goldman Sachs has arranged a $225 million loan for the Yankees. Apparently, they were able to obtain a rate .5% below prime with A-Rod.

This raises a serious question of fiscal prudence: When the Yankees get okayed for a loan, does Mariano Rivera have to be at the closing?

Last week a brawl broke out during batting practice before an Angels-Rangers game. Every player got five swings.


Emotional last few days in Miami. The crying, the pleading, the begging...but enough about Leigh Steinberg.

Days before his announcement, Ricky Williams learned he had failed a third drug test. And he told the Miami Herald that marijuana played a role in his decision. Well, that should settle the issue of whether he was tired of taking hits.

You know, I'm not going to start worrying about Ricky until he buys a van from Nate Newton.

Meanwhile, tough start for the Cowboys. They have to decide whether to put Antonio Bryant on the "physically unable to kiss Parcells's ass" list.


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