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January 20, 1986
RELIVING THAT CALLSir: Ron Fimrite's article (In The Eye Of The Storm, Jan. 6) on World Series umpire Don Denkinger provided an extremely interesting behind-the-limelight perspective on The Call. There is no excuse for people harassing Denkinger and his family in their private life. This incident serves to highlight another factor that needs to be considered in the continuing controversy over whether instant replays should be used in sports officiating. That factor is the safety of the officials. The time has come for the umpires and Peter Ueberroth to view the instant replay, which can prevent inflammatory bad calls, not as a threat but as a tool of the trade.DON MCGRAW Thornton, Pa.
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January 20, 1986

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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Frank Deford noted that Young "made Little All-America at Bucknell in 1951." He was a defensive tackle and co-captain on a team that finished 9-0 and broke an Eastern Intercollegiate Football Association total-offense record that had been set by one of the Blanchard-Davis Army teams.
Bucknell Sports Information Director
Lewisburg, Pa.

As a graduate of Baltimore's City College (class of '66), I found myself waxing nostalgic while reading Deford's article on George Young. His dedication to his players and students was never in question. We often tried to steer the subject away from history to sports, but he did teach us history.

The biggest lesson he taught me, however, was in humility. I won the Maryland scholastic diving championship one year, and although he offered his congratulations, he did not let me forget what my priorities were: William the Conqueror fought the Battle of Hastings in 1066. The NFL needs Young.

A big thanks to Franz Lidz for the story on Charles Schulz (Good Ol' Charlie Schulz, Dec. 23-30). I can relate to Peanuts' Charlie Brown more than most people can.

I was knocked out of the only Little League game I ever pitched after allowing nine runs without getting anyone out. However, I have finally done something in baseball. The youth team that I manage placed second in the Okaw League this past season. Since I now have won something, I appeal to Schulz to let his main character win something, too.
Pesotum, Ill.

On page 32 of your Sportsman of the Year issue (Slap Shot II: Brett Hull, Dec. 23-30), you show a framed photograph of Brett Hull with a card featuring his dad, Bobby, tucked into a corner. But why is Brett pictured as a lefthanded shooter? I know the photo is not backwards, because you can read the card and " Duluth" in the background. Still, isn't Brett supposed to be a righthanded shooter and play right wing?
Cokato, Minn.

?Brett posed as a lefty as a prank for his freshman-year Minnesota-Duluth publicity shot. His sophomore picture (above right), however, shows him in his correct position.—ED.

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