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Morin Bishop
May 19, 1986
For most of us, the good times seem fleeting, the bad times endless. The actual time is irrelevant. What matter the minutes or seconds, when they feel like hours? Such musings are anathema for Feets Broudy. To him, a second is a second, a minute is a minute, no ambiguity about it. No wonder. For 28 years, he has been a timekeeper at Madison Square Garden, carefully maintaining the sanctity of the clock, that inflexible arbiter of basketball's limits.
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May 19, 1986

A Veteran Basketball Timekeeper Has Allowed Himself Few Timeouts

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Broudy's obsession for 28 years has been the inflexible division of time, the careful parceling out of minutes and seconds, but when he speaks about the game and its history, the past flows into the present with a conversational ease that makes the SPHAs and the Jewels all part of a seamless unity.

A stopwatch Broudy used for 1,700 games from 1958 to 1980 rests in the Basketball Hall of Fame, commemorating his long stewardship. It no longer ticks, but the game goes on.

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