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Jill Lieber
September 29, 1986
Three weeks into the season the debate over the new instant replay system rages throughout the NFL. Does the replay clear up bad calls or does it only add to the confusion?
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September 29, 1986

Extra Points

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On Oct. 1, the USFL Players Association office will close. Doug Allen, the executive director of the USFLPA, will return to the position of assistant executive director of the NFL Players Association.

"We will continue to talk to USFL players," says Allen, who just has to move his files to another part of the Washington, D.C., offices that have been shared by the two unions since 1984. "We aren't giving up the hopes that the USFL will play again. We aren't decertifying. It's just that we've been operating the last 15 months on 1985 dues income. The money is getting low. I just don't want the players to pay more dues."

On another matter, the Sept. 15 deadline for USFL teams to sign 10 players (at a minimum of $1,500 a month for four months, plus insurance) has come and gone. So the USFLPA will wait until Oct. 1. "If by then we don't have 80 players signed," Allen says, "we may file a grievance."

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