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Douglas S. Looney
October 06, 1986
A CASE OF POTS AND KETTLES The Southwest Conference used to at least pretend it wasn't laden with crooks. Now the conference celebrates them. At Saturday's game in Dallas between SMU and TCU, which the Mustangs won 31-21, the T-shirt of choice read THE PROBATION BOWL on the front and NCAA JAIL on the back. Both schools are on probation for myriad dirty dealings. Each team suspects the other turned it in, which is probably true. They hate each other for it, which is why SMU offensive tackle David Richards complained of the Frogs, "The only thing that has bothered me is they called us crooks, and they turned out to be what they called us."
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October 06, 1986

College Football

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So, Walden got tough, ordering full-scale scrimmages. Result: The Cougars' leading ball-carrier, Steve Broussard, suffered a shoulder separation and is out indefinitely. Too bad, said Walden: "This is a game played by very tough people. It's not a parlor game. It's getting your face knocked off or knocking somebody else's off." It all worked. Sort of. On Saturday Washington State tied Arizona State 21-21.


Let's count how many things you can find that are wrong with the cover of this year's Minnesota press guide. For openers, the photo shows a nifty railroad tunnel...but it's in South Dakota. Home for the Gophers is Minneapolis. You mean to say the Gophers have to go to the Black Hills for their tunnels?

Further, what are those two players, quarterback Rickey Foggie and center Ray Hitchcock, doing practicing snaps in the track bed? What would happen if a train.... Holy Wile E. Coyote! Look behind you, men! Here comes one now! The billing on the cover reads THE GOLDEN GOPHERS ARE BACK ON TRACK. Looks more like they've gone off the rails.

Anyway, the entire Minnesota team found out what it feels like to be blindsided by a hurtling freight train last month when Oklahoma flattened the Gophers 63-0. Saturday the Little Engine That Could (a.k.a. University of the Pacific) ran over the Gophers 24-20.

Illinois coach Mike White, after being swamped by Nebraska 59-14: "It was what it was, but what can you say?"

In Harvard's 34-0 romp over Columbia on Sept. 20, Crimson coach Joe Restic used all eight of his quarterbacks. Four of them appeared in one series. Said Restic, "It's Harvard, it's different." And best understood by millions of American men and boys, who know what it's like to practice all week and then not get in the game.


Peter Marciano of Brockton, Mass., a nephew of the former heavyweight champ, plays football for the Hawkeyes (at 5'9", 165 pounds, he's the smallest player on the team) in Iowa City, just 85 miles from Newton, Iowa, where his uncle was killed in a small-plane crash 17 years ago....

While Stanford QB John Paye is certain to be picked high in the draft, some pro scouts are privately wondering about his sturdiness....

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