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October 06, 1986
THE BOZ (CONT.)Sir:If any readers need proof that the conduct of "star" athletes affects young people, they have only to turn to page 29 of your Sept. 15 issue (No. 1—And Then Some) to the photos of Oklahoma's Brian Bosworth and the young man who has adopted his haircut.
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October 06, 1986

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over

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In reading your SCORECARD item (Sept. 15) on Harvard athletics, I was struck by the absence of any reference (other than your brief mention of Mark Fusco) to Harvard's great hockey heritage.

The United States Hockey Hall of Fame has 66 enshrinees, and of this number, nine have Harvard backgrounds: players George Owen, John Chase, John Garrison, Fred Mosely, Francis (Austie) Harding, Bill Geary and Bob Cleary; coach Alfred (Ralph) Winsor; and administrator Robert Riddler. The Harvard nine account for almost 14% of our Hall's membership and far exceed the total of any other institution. Owen's record is particularly worth noting. So far as has been determined, he is the first American-developed player to score an NHL hat trick. Owen, a Boston Bruin, accomplished the feat on Feb. 11, 1932, against the Montreal Maroons.
United States Hockey Hall of Fame
Eveleth, Minn.

?WE MUFFED IT: We got our TV symbols crossed. That's Peter Lund of CBS (not NBC) on the left in the illustration accompanying William Taaffe's article The Other Game In New York in our Sept. 29 issue, and Arthur Watson of NBC (not CBS) on the right, with ABC's Dennis Swanson in between. A corrected version appears above, with our apologies to the two networks.—ED.

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