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Jill Lieber
October 13, 1986
After an unusually humid late afternoon game against the Jets on Sept. 28 in Indianapolis, Colts tackle Kevin Call crumbled to the floor of the locker room with a severe case of cramps due to dehydration. "It never happened to me before," says Call, who is 6'7", 288 pounds. "All my muscles cramped up. It started in my legs, went to my stomach and then to my neck. It really scared me. The trainers started rubbing me with ice and I started to relax some." Call was hooked up to an intravenous bag filled with glucose, sodium, potassium and other electrolytes, to quickly replace the fluids he had lost.
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October 13, 1986

Pro Football

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That foot is a size smaller than his left; his right leg is 1½ inches shorter. Still, Colbert averaged 42.1 yards per punt. When he got to Auburn, he decided he wanted to continue with football. He was a walk-on, but by his sophomore season he had earned a scholarship. As a senior he was fourth in the nation in gross yards (45.8), second in net yards (42.9) and an All-America.

The Chiefs drafted him in the eighth round. Colbert, who beat out veteran Jim Arnold, is averaging 40.5 yards per punt, and has had one punt with an incredible hang time of 5.43 seconds.

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