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Douglas S. Looney
October 13, 1986
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October 13, 1986

College Football

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San Diego State's new coach, Denny Stolz, has a clause in his contract that rewards him with $10,000—if he doesn't get busted by the NCAA. Fred Miller, the Aztecs' fourth AD in six years, says, "If we bonus people for going into bowls, then we can bonus them for running a clean program." Yes, you can, but no matter how desperate the situation, bribery in pursuit of honesty is absurd.


When Florida returned to Gainesville after its 16-10 loss at Mississippi State, the Gators found that someone had written "Florida football quits" on the windows of the athletic dorm....

After North Carolina coach Dick Crum suffered a broken leg during the Florida State game, Tar Heel kicker Lee Gliarmis said, "Look at it this way, Coach: It's good it happened so early in the season. Now we can redshirt you."

...Maryland coach Bobby Ross is grumbling about the lack of administration support for his program, which leads insiders to speculate that Ross may be looking for a reason to leave....

Rumors are strong that this will be the last year for coach Bill Yeoman, whose 25 years at Houston is the longest tenure at one school in the NCAA. He'll likely become AD....

Wisconsin offensive tackle Rick Streifel insists his favorite book is the Popular Mechanics Home Owners Manual, Volume 3....

Some alumni and sportswriters are calling for coach Joe Kapp's ouster from Cal....

Nebraska QB Steve Taylor, a sophomore who can run, pass, think and leap tall buildings, on what he can do to improve: "I need to work on my blocking."

...Barry Switzer was talking the other day with The Boston Globe's Ian Thomsen about UCLA: "They're not like Nebraska. They haven't discovered steroids yet."

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