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Douglas S. Looney
November 10, 1986
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November 10, 1986

College Football

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Darn it, some of you guys sure do make it tough on us to be nice to you. Like you, Arizona. You tricked us into falling in love with you, then you come a cropper, losing 20-13 to USC, a team that doesn't make our heart do nip-ups, either. And Iowa—not only did you lose 31-10 to so-so Ohio State, but you also stunk doing it. Nuts to LSU and Auburn, too.

1. MIAMI (8-0)


2. PENN STATE (8-0)


3. MICHIGAN (8-0)


4. OKLAHOMA (7-1)


5. TEXAS A & M (7-1)


6. ARIZONA STATE (7-0-1)


7. ALABAMA (8-1)


8. NEBRASKA (7-1)


9. ARKANSAS (7-1)


10. UCLA (6-2)


11. N.C. STATE (6-1-1)


12. AUBURN (7-1)


13. OHIO STATE (7-2)


14. USC (6-2)


15. BAYLOR (5-3)


16. IOWA (6-2)


17. WASHINGTON (6-2)


18. ARIZONA (6-2)


19. CLEMSON (6-2)


20. MISSISSIPPI (6-2-1)

*Ranking last week


The last thing beleaguered Maryland needs is another black eye, but that's just what it got on Saturday, after coach Bobby Ross raced across the field, moments after the Terps lost 32-30 to North Carolina, in order to grab the referee from behind. A security officer quickly pulled Ross away. Ross had been displeased with the officiating, and perhaps with justification. But that is no excuse for his behavior. What did Ross intend to do with the ref once he got his hands on him? Bang his head against the concrete? Slap him around? Or just talk trash?

Indeed, what signals does Ross's behavior send to the Maryland players? And what about young athletes who saw Ross on TV? There is no denying the ugly message Ross sent: If you get mad, proper redress is to mug the official.


How long do we go on acting as if there's nothing wrong with the Penn State uniforms? Answer: No longer. Penn Staters call them uniforms, but they're really generic wrappers—mostly washed-out white with a few touches (a very few touches) of washed-out dark blue on the road, and the reverse at home. And they're bottomed off with black shoes. No matter how great a player is, you put him inside this costume and he looks ordinary.

Without resorting to hyperbole, which we never would, the horrible truth is that Penn State tried to give them to Goodwill but was turned down; the city trash collectors wouldn't even consider junking up their trucks with these abominations. So the Nittany Lions just go on wearing them in public. At the end of last season, the Orange Bowl asked the Lions to please, please wear orange patches on their jerseys in their game against Oklahoma. No, said GQ-conscious Penn State.

One should never criticize without a solution, and we have one. At a tradition-bound place like Penn State, why not return to tradition? That would mean returning to the original uniforms of pink and black. We're not pulling your leg; the Lions wore pink and black in 1887, the first year they fielded a team. They even had a wonderfully appropriate cheer: Yah! Yah! Yah! Yah! Yah! Wish, Wack—Pink, Black!

Coach Joe Paterno loves tradition, so he would have no trouble with this idea. May we be so bold as to suggest a few fashion touches befitting one of the land's first-rate teams? Nothing outlandish, just some subtle bells and whistles. Artist Patrick McDonnell illustrates a before and after of what we have in mind. Now, please, which outfit is snazzier?

Ohio State coach Earle Bruce becomes the first Dum Quotee to make a return appearance, thanks to a boffo doubleheader performance. First, in trying to enlighten a somewhat slow reporter, he said, "You can only play one quarterback at a time." Oh, now we've got it. Then he went on to point out, "We're 2-0 at night, and that's not bad." Except, of course, if you count the Buckeyes' 16-10 loss to Alabama at night, which would, most experts agree, make their record 1-1.

Ron Moten, a starting outside linebacker at Florida, was charged Oct. 24 with assault, battery and burglary involving a Gainesville woman he had been dating. Later he allegedly telephoned her four times, threatening to kill her if she called the police; a policeman says he was listening in on an extension phone. At week's end, Moten had not entered a plea. Coach Galen Hall suspended Moten for the season, but the Gator defense dedicated Saturday's game against Auburn to Moten. Said safety Adrian White, "He wasn't a bad guy. This just makes him look bad."

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