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The Recruiting File
Alexander Wolff
November 19, 1986
A miscellany covering the ways colleges court the stars of the court
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November 19, 1986

The Recruiting File

A miscellany covering the ways colleges court the stars of the court

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Coined by UNLV's Tarkanian, who once lamented losing a recruit to a school because that school had offered the player a van. (This, in a world where the simple automobile is the inducement of choice, constitutes an upping of the ante.)

Someone who takes the SAT exams for an academically weak prospect.

A high school player who's about to begin his senior season. With the many summer camps before the early signing period, coaches pay rising seniors lots of attention.

As in "dumb as a..." A non-predictor or a Bylaw 5-1-(j) casualty.

According to this NCAA code, a recruiter encountering a prospect outside the context of an allowable home visit can say "Hi," but he can't say "Nice game" or start pitching.

A recruiter who swoops in after a player has verbally committed to or just visited another school, and who then tries to "carve up" that school.

To be leaning toward a particular college, as in "Ziggy Freud is ticketed for Catatonic State."

You Play NCAA

The sleuths over at NCAA Enforcement require a more exacting standard of proof, but this Armchair Guide to Recruiting Improprieties provides a few telltale signs that might suggest which schools are probably cheating:

?When there is no turnover among assistant coaches, especially in the position of Ace Recruiter, it may be because someone Knows Too Much.

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