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April 13, 1987
TRIBUTES TO HAYES Rick Telander's balanced POINT AFTER (March 23) on Woody Hayes was a moving portrait of the old coach. Since much has been written of Hayes's controversial side, I'd like to share a little-known story that shows another side.
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April 13, 1987


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The problem of drugs in athletics and in college in general is a real one. However, because McLain was a member of the '85 NCAA championship team, the problem appears larger than it is. Gary became an addict because he was not punished when caught with drugs at various stages of his young life, not because he was at Villanova.

While working as a resident assistant, I learned that one of the reasons for student transfers out of Villanova was that it wasn't a party school.

I don't agree that Gary should have written this article, but I do believe he is sincere in his attempt to help himself and others. I just hope this article helps Gary with his life and career as much as my Villanova degree and education have helped me with mine.

I was a varsity basketball player at Maria Regina High in Uniondale, N.Y., during the time Gary attended the school, and I dispute his statement that "many" of the students were smoking marijuana. Only a select few were in that group, Gary being one of them. Maria Regina was one of the finest schools on Long Island at that time.
Oceanside, N. Y.

Gary McLain got high on coke when he heard about the death of Len Bias. That's great. How is anyone supposed to learn from that?
Villanova, Pa.

Stop being social workers and publish more articles about athletes who are brave enough to stay away from drugs in the first place.
Millers Falls, Mass.

For those who felt angry and fed up after reading about McLain. I suggest a rereading, in SI's 1986-87 special college basketball issue (Nov. 19), of the article on Navy's David Robinson (The Mightiest Middie). It did wonders for me.

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