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May 11, 1987
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May 11, 1987


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The famous Chicken has a new promotional slogan: Poultry in Motion.


Golfer Jan Stephenson was driving back to her hotel on Saturday night in St. Petersburg, Fla., site of the LPGA's S & H Classic, when her car was broadsided. Stephenson, who had been tied for the tournament lead with Cindy Hill, suffered scalp lacerations, a dislocated rib and a sprained back.

Stephenson was forced to withdraw from the tournament, which was one for the medical books. Hill hadn't played in nine weeks because of a pancreas ailment. One of the golfers just a stroke behind the two leaders going into Sunday's final round was Myra Blackwelder, who is 7� months pregnant.

On Sunday, Hill shot a 66 to wrap up the victory, but Blackwelder, who said she "had to keep moving the baby around" as she played, turned in a 74 to tie for 16th. Blackwelder, who won $2,872, said she won't play again until after the child is born.


O'Malley's, a bar located near the University of Georgia football stadium, has begun selling parking spaces to Bulldog fans. For a mere $9,500 (plus a $200-per-year maintenance fee), a fan can park at O'Malley's during every Georgia home game through the year 2006. O'Malley's will build a clubhouse for the exclusive use of parkers.

The cost of a space—assuming six home games per season—comes to $112.50 per game. O'Malley's has already sold nearly 100 of its 400 spaces.


Todd Twachtmann, a senior at Dartmouth, is nicknamed T Squared. Last week, in the first game of a doubleheader against Army, he homered to put Dartmouth ahead 2-0. By day's end he had two singles, two RBIs, two putouts and two assists and had scored twice to help the Green win two for the second day in a row.

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