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May 11, 1987
THE CAMPANIS AFFAIRThanks to Peter Gammons for his excellent editorial on "The Campanis Affair" (SCORECARD, April 20). It's about time a writer with the power to describe this sorry situation spoke out about it.LARRY GREER Boston
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May 11, 1987


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I can empathize with Blount because my wife and I went down the Amazon on the Yacu-Mama with Ney Olortegui's Amazon Odyssey in June 1985. I remember standing on the bow of the raft (or was it the stern? It was continually rotating 180�) and asking myself out loud, "What in the hell am I doing here?" A fellow "a-benturer" overheard me and said, "Whenever you can ask yourself that question, you know you are on an adventure, not just a vacation."

We found Ney to be like the Great Provider to all of the villagers along the Huallaga, Mara��n and Ucayali rivers. He would supply them with clothing, medicine, etc. brought from the States, and they would be waiting for us along the muddy banks with open arms, big grins and laughter whenever they saw that funny-looking balsa raft.

I am very happy we went on this trip with Ney. He wants all people to experience the Amazonian jungle the way it really is, not from a cruise ship. I am also glad we went before reading Blount's account of his experiences, because I truly wonder if I would have gone afterward.

First you give us an article about rhinos (The Rhino Wars, March 2) and now you have one on the Amazon. What is this, National Geographic!
Alexandria, Va.

I read with great interest the excellent PERSPECTIVE (Dec. 15) on Ned Gillette's attempt to row from Cape Horn across the Drake Passage to Antarctica. Since then I have combed each issue looking for a follow-up. Please tell me if he and his crew made it.
Holland, Mich.

?The voyage had to be postponed because of Antarctic pack-ice conditions Gillette described as "the worst in 15 years." He and his crew plan to try again, probably in late October.—ED.

In your story on baseball salaries there appear to be a couple of errors. First, isn't that Mike Young rather than fellow Orioles outfielder John Shelby pictured on page 75?

Second, are we really to believe that Dave Sax, a reserve catcher for the Red Sox with all of 57 major league at bats through 1986, and his brother, Dodger second baseman Steve Sax, runner-up for the 1986 National League batting crown (.332), are earning identical salaries of $740,000?
Arlington, Va.

?Sorry about the mix-ups. Here (below left) is a photo of Shelby, whose salary is $300,000. Young (below right), who was on the disabled list, makes $350,000. An error involving Dave Sax's salary—the actual figure is $90,000—occurred during copy processing. Also, Pittsburgh pitcher Don Robinson's salary should have read $620,000, not $185,000, which is Cincinnati pitcher Ron Robinson's figure.—ED.

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