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June 01, 1987
REGGIES VISIONI have just finished reading Reggie Jackson's article ("We have a serious problem that isn't going away, " May 11), and I believe it is the finest exposition of the problem between blacks and whites in the United States that I've ever read. What Jackson said is applicable in every walk of life and in every situation in America where the races come together. The solution to our race problem is going to come through the efforts of individuals like Jackson; and may the Good Lord and all of us do all we can to help him.ROBERT D. FUNK Genoa, Nev.
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June 01, 1987


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Baylor, yes. Reggie, no.
Los Angeles

Thank you. Pete (Thank You, Pete Weber, May 4)? For what? For giving my one-year-old son another drug-abusing sports hero to look up to? I am tired of reading about yet another sports celebrity, blessed with the ability to perform in a way most of us only dream about, trying to ruin his life with drugs bought with the many, many thousands of dollars he is paid to play a game.

My wife and I watched Pete roll every ball, and we rooted for him. I doubt if we will cheer with that same enthusiasm again.
Wheeling, W. Va.

First I read that Pete Weber was drinking in a hotel bar in celebration of his Firestone win. Then in the same article I read that he'd gone through a drug-and-alcohol treatment program.

I've been a recovering alcoholic for more than 5� years, and I realize I can't afford to take a pill or drink even cough medicine. These would cause me to turn back to my old way of life—escaping through mood-alterers—which was not very pleasant.

If Pete Weber is drinking again. I'd say he is in trouble, maybe not today but sometime in the near future.

I played in the Hawaiian Open Pro Am with Bruce Crampton several years ago (Uh-Oh! He's At It Again. May 11). Bruce couldn't have been nicer to me and my partners. He also took time to autograph the program.

Douglas S. Looney's appraisal of Bruce Crampton is not fair. Just because Crampton doesn't have the flamboyant personality of Fuzzy Zoeller or the charisma of Greg Norman is no reason to dredge up everything derogatory that has been said about him during his 30 years in the public eye.
San Antonio

Brucie, stick to oil wells! Or be eternally grateful to your fellow pros, for there'd be no big-buck golf tours if all the players had personalities like yours.

Perfect golf shots alone don't sell.
San Luis Reys, Calif.

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