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June 01, 1987
REGGIES VISIONI have just finished reading Reggie Jackson's article ("We have a serious problem that isn't going away, " May 11), and I believe it is the finest exposition of the problem between blacks and whites in the United States that I've ever read. What Jackson said is applicable in every walk of life and in every situation in America where the races come together. The solution to our race problem is going to come through the efforts of individuals like Jackson; and may the Good Lord and all of us do all we can to help him.ROBERT D. FUNK Genoa, Nev.
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June 01, 1987


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Hats off to Pete Dexter for the moving article on The Case Against Brian Spencer (May 11). It opened people's eyes to the ways of our judicial system. He has done a tremendous job of uncovering mistakes in the case, such as the taping Dver of evidence and an arrest five years later on an ex-prostitute's testimony.

I wonder how many more Brian Spencers are out there.
New Brunswick, N.J.

What a great piece of journalism.
Dearborn Heights, Mich.

The state of Florida has a lot of nerve trying to determine Brian Spencer's guilt or innocence in a court of law. Why don't they save the taxpayers' money and just ask Pete Dexter to make the decision? He seems to have it all figured out.

As long as his story reads well, why get bogged down in facts?
St. Paul

I would like to thank John Garrity for his fine article, Quoting from Scripture (SPOTLIGHT, May 4). Billy Scripture is remembered fondly by many of us from the 1967 and 1968 baseball teams of Princess Anne High School in Virginia Beach, Va., where he was a substitute teacher.

After his Spanish classes, Scripture would stop by and offer players advice on hitting. (Unfortunately, his tips, however good they were, failed to carry me to the majors.)

But I remember him mostly because he was a true gentleman who was never too busy to be polite and never failed to acknowledge his many friends and fans sitting in the stands when he played for the Rochester Red Wings and, several years later, coached for the Tidewater Tides.
Danville, Pa.

Thank you for the excellent article on Michael Cooper of the Lakers (And...It's Super Sub!, May 11). It has been a long time coming.

Cooper has been one of the NBA's best defensive players and one of the best sixth men for quite a while. Words like consistent, durable and indispensable only begin to describe the man they call Coop.

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