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June 01, 1987
REGGIES VISIONI have just finished reading Reggie Jackson's article ("We have a serious problem that isn't going away, " May 11), and I believe it is the finest exposition of the problem between blacks and whites in the United States that I've ever read. What Jackson said is applicable in every walk of life and in every situation in America where the races come together. The solution to our race problem is going to come through the efforts of individuals like Jackson; and may the Good Lord and all of us do all we can to help him.ROBERT D. FUNK Genoa, Nev.
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June 01, 1987


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Carry on, Coop!
Lorain, Ohio

Having gone to school with Michael Cooper in second grade and having played basketball with him at Pasadena High School, I can readily vouch for the man's intensity. He was a fantastic athlete and team player.

I remember him best for his passing skills, because he hit me in the nose with the ball so many times when I wasn't expecting it. I don't remember Cooper showing-up opponents as much as he does now, but you have to admire his athletic ability and what a team player he truly is.

He makes everybody better.
Chula Vista, Calif.

I thoroughly enjoyed your tribute to Julius Erving (Last Rounds for the Doctor, May 4). Like Gale Sayers. Lance Alworth and Muhammad Ali, Dr. J brought a grace to his sport.

Because Dr. J was relatively unsung during his college and ABA days. I bet he trails Kareem, Ali and Reggie in SI cover appearances. But how about a last look at those covers the Doctor has graced over the years?
Austin, Texas

?Our pleasure.—ED.

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