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Queen Of The Surf
Dan Geringer
July 27, 1987
Frieda Zamba has come off Florida's diminutive waves to win three straight big titles
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July 27, 1987

Queen Of The Surf

Frieda Zamba has come off Florida's diminutive waves to win three straight big titles

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Another key to the city, followed by a "Frieda Did It Again" party at Snack Jack. That year she and Shaw announced their engagement and left to earn another party. But in April '87, as Zamba headed into the final contest of another world championship in Australia, the situation did not look good.

Pam Burridge, another Aussie, was ahead on points. To win the world title, she had only to tie Zamba in this contest. "I was worried," Zamba admits. "I'd go, 'Gosh, if I don't win, am I going to want to get married, or be all depressed and bummed out?' "

Burridge, apparently looking ahead to Zamba, was knocked off by an unseeded unknown in an early round: Psyched, stoked and flying high, Zamba won her third world title, then flew home to marry Flea.

"The townsfolk dubbed this 'Flagler's Own Royal Wedding,' " says Zamba's big sister, Ren�e, proudly. "Y'know: 'Queen of Surfing Marries Her King.' It was definitely the event of the year."

At the beginning of the ceremony the minister surprised the newly weds by exclaiming, "Surf's up!" The cake was topped with a blond groom holding a blonde bride in his arms, riding a surfboard on a makable wave.

Frieda and Flea honeymooned in Barbados. Surfing.

"Surf, surf, surf," Zamba says, noticing the summer day soften into late afternoon, her favorite time to catch waves. She and Shaw head for the beach together, as always.

An hour later Jan and Albert Zamba are standing by the side of A1 A, watching their daughter and son-in-law play in the surf.

For many years the Zambas have worked together at Marineland—he is operations manager, she is assistant manager of the gift shops. They have witnessed three live dolphin births, and Albert admits to playing porthole hide-and-seek with dolphins Davy and Kipper after hours.

"They have this smile," Albert says.

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