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Queen Of The Surf
Dan Geringer
July 27, 1987
Frieda Zamba has come off Florida's diminutive waves to win three straight big titles
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July 27, 1987

Queen Of The Surf

Frieda Zamba has come off Florida's diminutive waves to win three straight big titles

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"They're not like animals at all," says Jan. "They're almost human."

Frieda and Flea emerge from the ocean in the last light of day. "So," Jan asks them, "now that you're married, when are you going to have some little surfers?"

"We're not," Frieda laughs. "Just little surfboards and little dogs."

The next morning Frieda is standing in her driveway, carefully wiping dew-drops off the hood of her low-slung black Mitsubishi Conquest, a car with black leather interior, a black front vanity plate that reads AWESOME! and bands of black tint on the windshield that seem much too dark for a driver to see through.

"It's not about driving," she laughs. "It's about looking good. No, seriously, I can see through it. Really, I can."

Sometimes Zamba worries about being too childlike. Other times she thinks she grew up too fast on the tour, but with five sponsors and more in the wings, she knows she can't afford to fool around.

"Flea and I are both laid-back, private people," she says, caressing the Conquest's hood. "I don't like to go out and get crazy and stuff like that. I don't do drugs. I don't drink. But there's still a kid inside me."

On tour, the adult inside Zamba tries to eat healthy food. But during her off months—the season runs from late July through May—the kid takes over.

"I am addicted to H�agen-Dazs chocolate chocolate chip ice cream," she says, eyes glazing over, speech rapidly gaining momentum. "When I can't get that, I'll take Baskin-Robbins Rocky Road. Oh, and I have cravings for Dairy Queen Blizzards with M & M's and Heath bars in chocolate ice cream. Oh, and those boxes of 16 chocolate mini-donuts? Mmmmmmm. And chocolate turtles? And Snickers bars? It's just terrible, isn't it? It's an obsession. Oh, and Milk Duds. Gotta have my Milk Duds. Oh, and Mars Bars...."

She licks her lips. She calms down. "Sometimes," she says, "it kinda freaks me out, knowing I've been on the tour five years already and how fast the years go by. Seems like yesterday I was just a little kid. I guess I want to hold on to that real young feeling of just starting out."

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