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September 14, 1987
THE McCALLUM CASEEnsign Napoleon McCallum may have been led to believe by the previous secretary of the Navy, John F. Lehman Jr., that he could be both an officer and a Los Angeles Raider (SCORECARD, Aug. 17), but the fact remains that he promised the Navy and his country that he would serve not less than five years on active duty in return for a free education. He also took an oath upon being commissioned that he would honor this obligation in good faith.
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September 14, 1987


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Steve Wulf's arguments for inducting Roger Maris and Leo Durocher into the Hall of Fame are not convincing (POINT AFTER, Aug. 10). First, why does he use Rick Ferrell, who is my father, Don Drysdale and others as examples of poor selections to Cooperstown? These players certainly do not hold the lowest statistics at their positions among Hall of Famers! Moreover, Candy Cummings was inducted as a pioneer of the game, not as a player. After all, Cummings developed the curveball at a time when pitchers threw underhand.

Second, if only the greatest players at their positions deserve to be in the Hall, then Maris does not belong there either. Frankly, this essay showed no better judgment than did your pick of Cleveland to win the AL East.
Grand Rapids, Mich.

Durocher and Maris should be voted in, but I resent any implication that Tony Oliva, a lifetime .304 hitter who won three batting titles and led the American League in hits five times, may be less deserving. No back seat for Tony O.
Blue Springs, Mo.

Thank you for informing people about drum corps (SCORECARD, Aug. 10)—something the major TV networks cannot seem to do. How many people know that the Blue Devils of Concord, Calif., performed at the 1987 All-Star Game in Oakland? As you mentioned, the Blue Devils are a dynasty, with six Drum Corps International world titles since 1976. Another corps that should be considered a dynasty is the Santa Clara ( Calif.) Vanguard. Only once since 1972 has the Vanguard finished out of the top three at the DCI world championships (it was seventh in 1980).
North Wales, Pa.

Bobby Knight was correct when he said of the Star of Indiana, "If a basketball team trained as hard as these kids do, it would be unbelievable." Not only does the Star of Indiana practice 12 hours a day, but so do some 200 other drum corps in the U.S.
Winnfield, La.

At a time when many college athletes feel that scholarships are not enough, it is nice to see a group of kids who work hard and expect no money in return. What were the results of the contest?
La Porte, Texas

?The Garfield ( N.J.) Cadets are this year's Drum Corps International world champions. They scored 97.9 out of 100 points in Madison, Wis., to win their fourth title. The Vanguard finished a close second, with 97.8 points. The defending champion Blue Devils came in fourth, and the Star of Indiana tied for seventh.—ED.

Thank you for the story on Vic Jacobs (TELEVISION, Aug. 3). In contrast to the vanilla broadcasters who dominate the evening sports news, Vic delivers the sports with intensity and humor. I was shocked when KTVV in Austin announced it would not renew his contract. What a shame! Vic's success in Fresno is no surprise to me.
Austin, Texas

We take issue with the gentleman quoted in William Taaffe's piece who asked, "Would you invite Vic Jacobs into your home?" We have invited Vic into our home on numerous occasions. Unlike his TV persona, the private Vic is sensitive, tasteful and just a bit retiring. He is also a blast of fresh air in the sterile world of TV sportscasting.
Austin, Texas

I was shocked and appalled that you chose to dignify the knee-jerk antics of "sportscaster" Vic Jacobs. I lived on Guam during Jacobs's tenure there as sportscaster. Vic was definitely different, but he wore out his welcome on the tube within one viewing.

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