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Jack McCallum
November 09, 1987
Some inside points and outside shots that will give the reader a jump on the season
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November 09, 1987

Opening Tips

Some inside points and outside shots that will give the reader a jump on the season

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In what is becoming an annual event, Clipper center Benoit Benjamin reported to training camp overweight and out of shape. Shue introduced a new approach to the Benjamin problem: indifference.

"I don't have high expectations for Benoit," said Shue. "He hasn't shown the consistency to be a dominant player, so why should I expect him to be one? As far as I'm concerned, he's a low-profile player. I consider him a project."


After summering in his native Sudan and, thus, missing the weight-training regimen that helped bulk up his body a year ago, 7'6�" Manute Bol, the Bullets' backup center, will begin the season at about 215 pounds. That's some 20 pounds more than he weighed when Washington drafted him in 1985, but about 10 pounds less than the relatively muscular 225 at which he played last season.

However, Bol did return to the U.S. with a new bride, Atong, from his home village of Gogrial. He reports that Atong, 19, enjoys cooking, which means Manute may stay away from the fast-food emporiums that served as second homes his first two seasons.

Atong is 5'7", tall enough to post up Bol's teammate Bogues but not to stand out in a crowd. Unless she's with Manute, of course.


"There are only three teams in sports that have achieved true national status," Auerbach says. "The old Yankees, the Dallas Cowboys and us. That's not ego, that's just fact."

Please send dissenting opinions to the Boston Garden, not here.

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