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Jim Kaplan
November 23, 1987
After seeing deck hockey, soccer baseball, Ping-Pong squash and Frisbee golf, I thought I had run the gamut of hybrid sports. Then one day on a plane I met a man named Rick Shapiro, who described a game called sockey. "We started playing it in high school in Old West-bury, New York," said Shapiro, an Arizona real estate mogul. "We graduated in 1971, and every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving a group of us returns and plays again. Basically, the game consists of a bunch of guys kicking a tennis ball around an outdoor basketball court, but we make something big out of it. We have a league, a commissioner, two teams and a banquet, and every game is written up in SI—Sockey Illustrated."
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November 23, 1987

Soccer Plus Hockey Plus A Tennis Ball Equals Sockey

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In the 1986 game, the Stars prevailed 3-2 and regained the coveted Mellor Memorial Trophy, named after a former classmate, a player of dubious distinction who dropped out of the game following his junior year.

Afterward all retired to the Gatsbyesque house of Patti and Pete Orshan. There was a slick video presentation featuring player introductions and highlights of the game, which several players and friends had produced, and everyone admired the view of Long Island Sound and munched on pizza and chicken. "Next year we'll have sushi and sockey," said Patti. Actually, sockey goes well with anything.

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