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March 14, 1988
PEARLSI just put down this year's swimsuit issue (Pearls of the Orient, Feb. 15), and my winter-chilled heart has been warmed. I'm glad you chose Thailand as your location. I lived there last year and miss the country sorely. Anyone who has been to Thailand can attest to its beauty and excitement.SAM CLARK Belmont, Mass.
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March 14, 1988


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I woke up this morning to a—40� wind-chill factor and Elle Macpherson in my mailbox. Ts there no justice in this world?
Mapleton, Minn.

I am a Protestant seminarian in New York City whose home is in Atlanta, and in February I often think of the South's warmer weather. Your swimsuit issue reminded me of why I enjoy summer. I have never considered missionary work in Thailand, but with the inspiration of Kathy Ireland's "heavenly" gaze from the top of Prom Thep Point, I would definitely entertain the calling.

Do you have any other shots of Kathy that are equally inspiring? Thanks for a beautiful creation and a reassurance that, yes, there is a God!
New York City

Please treat us to another shot of Kathy, that rare jewel with the Emerald Isle moniker.
Freeport, Texas

?See below. This time Kathy is on Phi Phi Don Island in the Andaman Sea. She's wearing a two-piece slide bra bikini by Darling Rio ($38).—ED.

While my husband and son drool over your dream ladies in the swimsuits, I vote for Eric Heiden in the American Express ad.

Burke, Va.

I am a single parent with an 18-year-old, who, as modern-day teenagers do, conveniently forgets to take out the trash, keep his room clean or help out around the house.

Only when I withheld his swimsuit issue was I finally able to capture his attention.
Lothian, Md.

A friend of ours was greeted by the youngest of his four daughters, the swimsuit issue in her hand. She proudly showed her father how she and her sisters and their mom had colored dresses on every lady in the magazine.
Newport, N.Y.

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