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April 25, 1988
HOME OF THE HABS As Austin Murphy's article (Hot Hand, March 21) on the Montreal Canadiens points out, "Montreal is the Mecca of hockey." Not only have Les Canadiens won 23 NHL championships, but they also have brought to this beautiful city a feeling of pride and hope. When the Habs are winning, the city is buzzing.GEORGE LEVESQUE JR. Montreal
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April 25, 1988


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What on earth does management or mismanagement of the forests have to do with SPORTS ILLUSTRATED—or is taking potshots at the U.S. Forest Service a new sport?

Tell John Skow he can split firewood forever, but that will not make him an authority on timber!
Baker, Ore.

I enjoyed your article on the NCAA wrestling championships (A Cactus Supplants Corn, March 28). You noted that heavyweight Carlton Haselrig, the Division II champ from the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, thrashed Oregon State's Dave Orndorff 12-2. I think it's also worth noting that Orndorff entered the tournament unseeded and then proceeded to defeat the 11th, seventh, sixth and third seeds—Wyoming's Jon Cogdill, Iowa's Mark Sindlinger, North Carolina State's Mike Lombardo and Edinboro (Pa.) University's Dean Hall, respectively—to make the championship round.

Orndorff, a senior, is not just a one-dimensional athlete. He also has been an outstanding center for the Oregon State football team.
Bremerton, Wash.

In your March 14 article (How Low Can You Get?) about John Smith, the outstanding wrestler from Oklahoma State, there is a reference to a wrestler named Glenn McMinn of Arizona State. In that same issue, in FACES IN THE CROWD, there is an item about Wayne McMinn, a high school wrestler from Apache Junction, Ariz. Are they related?
Marshall, Minn.

•Yes, they're brothers.—ED.

About 10 years ago, it occurred to me that I had never seen any compilation that would tell me what state was represented most often in your FACES IN THE CROWD section. My thought was that it might be my native Pennsylvania. Well, I decided to keep track and tot up the numbers myself, and here are the results of my research for the years 1978-87. As you can see, Pennsylvania was first only in 1980, though the Keystone State has consistently finished in the top five.
Radnor, Pa.

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