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Franz Lidz
May 16, 1988
Gaye Bykers on acid top the bill this night at Detroit's St. Andrew's Hall, but Jim Walewander insists he's there to check out the crowd, not the band. The Tiger infielder says his own tastes in music are far more sedate. "My favorite group is the Dead Milkmen," he says.
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May 16, 1988

Detroit's Frosted Flake

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"He'll never impress you," says Detroit manager Sparky Anderson. "My god, he's never gonna impress anybody. He don't have the tools. He can run and field. He's certainly not gonna hit anything."

Nevertheless, Anderson says that he keeps Walewander around just for his oddball enthusiasm. "Sparky sees a little bit of himself in me," says Walewander, adding, "That's his problem, not mine."

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