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Edited by Douglas S. Looney
July 04, 1988
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July 04, 1988


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Strangely, about the only person in the vicinity of the Boardwalk who seemed to have trouble divining the fight's significance was Madame Rose, a fortune-teller. Asked what Tyson-Spinks meant to her income, she said, "Maybe there's some increase. I don't bother with things like that. I don't know. If it comes, it comes. Who knows?"

Senior writer Jack McCallum got it dead right in our NBA preview (Nov. 9, 1987) when he predicted a Detroit Pistons- Los Angeles Lakers final, with L.A. winning because, wrote McCallum, "The Pistons aren't the Lakers." And senior editor Steve Wulf got it almost dead right when, in our baseball issue (April 4), he answered 20 questions fans might have been asking as the season began. Question 6 was, "Will Billy Martin last the season in his fifth stint as Yankee manager?" Wulfs answer was, "No. He will be fired on June 9 and replaced by general manager Lou Piniella. George Steinbrenner has become that predictable." Wulf—or Steinbrenner—missed by only two weeks when Martin was canned and Piniella named to replace him on June 23.

Jennifer MacCurrach of Jacksonville suffered a terrible stroke of fortune during a recent Futures golf tour event in Baton Rouge. She was penalized two strokes for losing a ball she had been holding in her hand. All seemed well when MacCurrach marked her ball and picked it up to clean it. But it then flew from her hand as she was shaking it dry—and into a water hazard.

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