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Frank Deford
July 18, 1988
AMAZING FINISH! Mighty Casey Fans Slugger Didn't Arrive Till Seventh Inning Beautiful, Evil Woman Seen In His Company WOULDN'T YOU KNOW IT Sun Still Shining Bright At Undisclosed U.S. Site
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July 18, 1988

Huge Commotion In Mudville

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"That Phoebe woman. I truly don't believe she's Mr. Drinkwater's niece, but I do believe she'd like to seduce you, Timothy Casey."

Casey threw his hands to his head and rolled his eyes. "Flossie, that is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard," he said. He shook his head one more time for effect and stared out at the river.

Whew, he thought, I nipped that in the bud.

Ohhh, thought Flossie, she's seduced him already.

She turned to face him squarely. "You made your deal with Mr. Drinkwater, didn't you now?"

"Sure enough," Casey said, beaming. He pulled out the $500 bill, brandishing it and telling her all the benign details of the arrangement.

But Flossie turned away. "I love you, Timothy Casey. I surely do," she said. "But I can't be marryin' you if you're involved in...."

"But there's nothing illegal. I told...."

"Well, let me tell you," Flossie snapped, whirling around, her green eyes searing. " Mudville loves you, Mr. Casey. Why, I've heard Mr. Evans tell that you're bringin' the whole East Side back to life, you are. Can't you see what Mr. Drinkwater and that wicked lady want? They want to build a trolley line way out in the opposite direction from Mudville, practically to Devonbury, to move everything out there. Can't you understand what he'll do to Mudville?"

"Flossie, it's just good old American business know-how."

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