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Frank Deford
July 18, 1988
AMAZING FINISH! Mighty Casey Fans Slugger Didn't Arrive Till Seventh Inning Beautiful, Evil Woman Seen In His Company WOULDN'T YOU KNOW IT Sun Still Shining Bright At Undisclosed U.S. Site
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July 18, 1988

Huge Commotion In Mudville

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"I just want you to fight Kilrain, Johnny."

"For you, Fox? I ain't no henhouse to let a Fox into," he said, and everyone in the Third Base Saloon roared.

"Then don't do it for me," Fox went on. "Just fight him. That's what all the fancy wants. Or are you too fat, Johnny? Too old?"

"Why you goddamn—" said Sullivan, reaching down to grab Fox. John L. had taken the bait. Fox figured that Nuf Ced would jump in, and he did, but Fox didn't figure that, faster still, his new friend Casey would spring to his feet. Casey shoved Sullivan. The ale went flying, and the big fellow needed help from Smiler and Rosie before he could regain his balance. He glared at Casey, at this white-faced, clean-shaven bumpkin. "And who the hell are you, sonny?" Sullivan shouted.

Casey didn't back down. Indeed, he leaned forward a little, never taking his eyes off Sullivan. "My name is Timothy F.X. Casey, and I can beat any sonofabitch in the house."

The Third Base Saloon fell into a hush. "Is he serious?" Sullivan said at last.

"Are you serious?" Nuf Ced said. Pit-too.

Fox pulled at Casey's sleeve. "You're not serious, are you?" he asked.

"Sure, for a price. What are the odds on me?"

"A thousand to one," Nuf Ced said. Pit-too.

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