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Frank Deford
July 18, 1988
AMAZING FINISH! Mighty Casey Fans Slugger Didn't Arrive Till Seventh Inning Beautiful, Evil Woman Seen In His Company WOULDN'T YOU KNOW IT Sun Still Shining Bright At Undisclosed U.S. Site
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July 18, 1988

Huge Commotion In Mudville

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She appeared to be considering this, so Casey pulled out all the stops. He sank to one knee, took her hands and said, "Florence Cleary, will you do me the honor of being my wife?"

Flossie believed him. "Yes, I will," she said.

Casey jumped to his feet and kissed her, and all the cranks who were standing around watching began to cheer. Then Casey said, "It's a good thing for you that you said that, because I'm also a rich man now. I got ten $1,000 bills in my shoes."


"I'll tell you all about it sometime, but right now...." He reached over and took off the horseshoe pin, because he'd just noticed that Flossie had put it back on upside down. "Don't ever wear a horseshoe pointing down, because then all the luck will run out of it," he said, and he pinned it back on her, the right way.

Then he put his arm around her, and they walked off together, toward the sunset, as a matter of fact. "You mean if I'd worn the pin right you'd have hit a home run over my head, the way you pointed?" Flossie said.

"Nah, nobody could've hit that pitch," said Casey. "You gotta understand, darling—in baseball, even the best ballists only get a hit one out of every three times up."


Here is what happened to the principals after June 2, 1888:

John L. Sullivan kept his word to Richard Fox and, on July 8, 1889, fought Jake Kilrain, successfully defending his championship in 75 rounds. It was the last bare-knuckle title bout ever fought.

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