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October 10, 1988
BRYANT GUMBEL Congratulations to Rick Reilly on his brilliant profile of Bryant Gumbel (The Mourning Anchor, Sept. 26). Gumbel is the antithesis of the "less is more" attitude. Through dedication and discipline, he continues to rise to the top of his profession. Once, in times gone by, everyone tried to be the best that he or she could be. Modern-day American sport and business could take a lesson from Gumbel.RICHARD NEZZER Albuquerque
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October 10, 1988


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What I would like to know is whether Steffi Graf's apathy is a facade. What does she have to say? We know she has a forehand, but does she have a voice?
Westfield, Mass.

Penny Ward Moser is to be commended for her excellent reporting (A Dry and Thirsty Land, Sept. 12). While the nation watched more than a million acres of Yellowstone National Park burn, millions more acres of North American prairie slowly and quietly baked to dust, with scant public comprehension of the immensity of the loss. The duck breeding grounds of this continent are now virtually burned out, and unless those wetlands are restored and protected, the outlook for waterfowl and other wildlife will decline from bleak to none.
Director, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Washington, D.C.

In response to your prediction, " Hawaii will have a tough time scoring, but its opponents won't" (Scouting Reports-Conferences, Sept. 5), allow me to submit the scores for the Rainbows' first four games: Hawaii 27, Iowa 24; Hawaii 31, Colorado State 23; Hawaii 36, San Jose State 27; and Hawaii 48, Utah 20.
Wailuku, Hawaii

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