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Leigh Montville
February 07, 1989
What do swimsuits have to do with sports? Well, the mailman gets a workout
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February 07, 1989

Letters And More Letters

What do swimsuits have to do with sports? Well, the mailman gets a workout

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Example: I have noticed that the school-librarian letters always mention that "I had to take this copy of your magazine off the shelves immediately." Does this really happen? I have wondered what kind of chaos would take place if the magazine were left on the shelves.

I have tried to find answers to all of my questions but was the most successful with the school-library situation. My wife—believe it or not—is a librarian at a middle school.

"Do you take the swimsuit issue off the shelves every year?" I recently asked her.

"Yes, I do," she said.

"What would happen if you didn't?"

"It would disappear. Stolen."

"Stolen? Is this a problem with any other magazine? Or is it just the swimsuit issue?"

"Oh, no," my wife said. "I have this problem every month with Dirt Bike magazine as soon as it comes in."

Dirt Bike magazine. Uh-oh. Sounds to me like that 13-year-old-boys thing again.

I was surprised in the midst of reading all of these letters to find one from a man I know. His name is Mike Grenier, and he is a sportswriter for The Salem Evening News in Salem, Mass.

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